2016 Archery Antelope Colorado

A few pics from Colorado Archery Antelope Season

2016 Colorado Archery Antelope 

Well, here I go once again into a hunting season with high expectations and plenty of tags in my pocket. As usual, the first hunt of the season is always archery antelope as the season opens on August 15th in Colorado. This year I was lucky enough to gain permission to a small ranch about 20 min north of Fort Collins. This ranch was also in an over the counter hunting unit so there was no need to draw a tag or burn preference points.


The true beauty of this ranch was the simple fact that it was so close to work it allowed Josh and myself the ability to hunt on weekdays before work and still make it into the shop at 10 am. The downside of antelope hunting in this area is the simple fact that there are a lot of water tanks in the area. Compared to some of the areas I have antelope hunted in the past such as Wyoming the pastures here were small by comparison and with that being said there was at least 1 water tank per pasture. So within a 1.5-mile radius from where we were hunting there were at least 6 water sources but we had access to 3 so we felt like the odds were still pretty good plus what did I have to lose just some sleep in the morning before work a few days a week. Plus there were goats everywhere so we figured it was just a matter of time.



3 days before the season we headed out of town to hang trail cameras and set up the blinds. We had narrowed it down to the 2 tanks that were showing the most sign and the pasture that did not have cattle in it at the moment. From past experience, cattle can be tough on ground blinds.


August 15th was a Monday which was perfect since this is our only day closed during the week. I arrived at the blind right at day break and was glad to see a few groups using the same area.





After watching the sun come up I and waiting for an hour or so I was forced to take and bathroom break. After glassing the entire area I left the blind for a few minutes this is when the only buck of the day decided he needed a drink. I made to within about 20 feet of the blind on the way back before he busted me.


The rest of the morning was spent watching birds chase and eat the dragon flys from around the water tank.








The rest of antelope season went about like this with nothing but does coming in and giving me a shot. I ended up not taking a buck after about 5 more hunts I called it a season and started scouting for deer which was opening soon.


My Antelope hunting view.


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