Knives Of Alaska Alpha Wolf S30 V Suregrip

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Full-tang drop-point hunter-style blade, hand sharpened with special convex edge, is razor sharp. Slender .100" thinner blade reduces drag when skinning and fleshing, easy to resharpen. Double Double Drawn Heat Tempered for maximum edge holding ability. Comes with a high quality, vegetable-tanned, oiled leather sheath.

~ Leather sheath Included ~
Special Features
Full-tang drop-point hunter-style blade Hand sharpened with special convex edge Razor sharp
Category: Alpha Wolf
Item Number: 00345FG
Metal: S30V
Rockwell Hardness: 59-61
Bevel: 18-20°
Knife Length: 7-7/8"
Blade Length: 3-3/4"
Weight: 2.9 oz


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