Knives Of Alaska Hunter's Hatchet

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The hatchet is still one of the most basic and timeless tools for a 1 outdoorsman. Our Hunter's Hatchet combines American-made high-carbon S-7 tool steel and a hand-rubbed, oil-finished American red hickory handle to bring back an American Woodsman's Tradition look.

~ Leather sheath Included ~
Special Features
Each hatchet is individually hand ground, finished, and sharpened by American craftsmen to a razor edge Cryogenically tempered to hold an excellent edge
Category: Hunter's Hatchet
Item Number: 00070FG
Metal: S-7
Rockwell Hardness: 50-54
Bevel: 22 - 25°
Knife Length: 11"
Blade Length: 4-1/4"
Weight: 16.7 oz


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